On the author
Rosa Postlethwaite
I am a performance artist, dramaturg and facilitator presenting work in Visual Art, Theatre, Dance and Cabaret/Club contexts. I am based in Coventry, UK and Aarhus, Denmark from August 2022. My practice is informed by socialist, intersectional feminist and queer movements and is interested in the relationship between macrostructures and daily life. I am currently a PhD researcher at Aarhus University and Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) at Coventry University. My practice as research PhD, ‘Dramaturgy with other-than-human species’, consists of live art projects exploring dramaturgy practice with fungi and plants. My first PhD project “Solos” with Sourdough (March–August 2022) explores doing dramaturgy with sourdough (a microbiome of yeasts and bacterias).