By Steinunn Knúts Önnudóttir

48 hours Eco Camp
We started referring to the event as The Eco Camp in our conversations, drawing the resemblance to the summer camps of our youth. We felt like children, playful, careless, and open to new experiences. We arrived not knowing, curious, seeking to understand; to understand each other, ourselves, and how to proceed, seeking inspiration and new ways of working, of approaching research and knowledge formation. We had 48 hours to explore and share our practices and concernes.

What can be accomplished in 48 hours?

In 48 hours, you can recharge and reconnect.

In 48 hours, you can connect to humans and the more-than-human through pedagogical and artistic practices, discussions, and play; in silence, in darkness, in light, on land, in water, in forest, in the rain, in the sun, together, alone, inside, outside, through smell, touch and taste.

In 48 hours, you can get nourished physically, intellectually, and spiritually to last for a journey that will take you through challenges and changes.

This publication gathers echoes of midnight walks, forest bathing, swimming, and sauna – of being visible and invisible. It holds traces from shared experiences, magical moments, quiet contemplations, and deep wisdom.

Existential sustainability, performative encounters, porous dramaturgy, human/non human relation, forest bathing, care, affection, Transformation

About the author
Steinunn is a performance maker working with sustainable, immersive and participatory encounters. She has worked as a director, writer, dramaturge and a performer in Iceland, UK, Scandinavia and beyond. She is the artistic director of The Professional Amateurs and the Webtheatre Room 408. Her work has played in Reykjavik, Copenhagen, New York and Vienna, on the world wide web, on television and in radio among other places. Steinunn was a dramaturge at the City Theatre in Reykjavik and a lecturer at the Department of Performing Arts in Iceland University of the Arts in Reykjavík from 2001 and as Dean of that department 2011–2020. She is a mother of three, a theologian, a life coach and a pottery maker. Since 2020 Steinunn is a PhD research fellow at Theatre Academy of Malmö, Lund University. Her current research project is called How Little is Enough? Sustainable Methods of Performance for Transformative Encounters.