Nothing is the same
By Harm Coordes

Nothing is the same.
No thing is the same.

When we give labels to things, we often assume, that everything that goes by the same name is alike When we get past giving labels to things, we can realise how different, how unique and how precious things are. And how much more carefully and caring we can observe our surroundings.

Draw, for example, two leaves from the same tree and see how they are different. Draw two eyes from the same person and see how they are different. Draw two clouds in the sky and see how they are different.

Everything is unique and one of a kind.

(After Corita Kent and Ian Stuart, Learning by Heart, 2008)

About the author

Harm Coordes Since graduating from University of the Arts Bremen (2013), I have been working as a freelance fashion and costume designer, scenographer and artist for theatres, artists and musicians in Bremen and Berlin as well as realizing theatre pieces with youths and school children. In 2014, I joined the theatre collective "Thermoboy FK” that is dealing with questioning male role models, a performance-oriented society and living together as a group. Since 2015, I am working as a lecturer in experimental fashion at University of Applied Sciences Berlin and University of the Arts Bremen, where I am currently doing an artistic PhD (in collaboration with Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). Based on case studies in the fashion and performance project "Church of the Hand“, it is researching how individual meaning can be linked to fashion and how this can lead to more sustainable consumer behaviour.