Perspectives of time
By Simon Poole

Apparently random,  
the essence of a thing, 
reaches out –  
tendril like –  
sensitively finding its way by feel. 
Like a landscape, 
that if experienced without 
the touch of a stone, 
might be thought of 
as created  
by chance. 

eco-pedagogy, ekphrastic poetry, landscape, arts-based practices as research.

About the author
Dr Simon Poole is an Associate Professor of Cultural Education at the University of Chester; Programme Leader for the MA Creative Practices in Education and Senior Lead in Cultural Education and Research at Storyhouse; Trustee of the Mythstories museum; Director and Researcher at the Centre for Research into Education, Creativity and Arts through Practice (RECAP); and the Institute of Culture and Society. His work currently focuses on cultural democracy; creative pedagogy; intercultural use of music; informal songwriting; and arts and crafts based initiatives. He has worked in 14 countries developing research initiatives and presenting interactive vocal performances. Si is also the Chair of the Local Cultural Education Partnership; Managing Director of Soil Records; Singer and songwriter with ‘the loose kites’ and is a published poet and author.