A Poem
By Anouk Heltzel

giving permission
to become one
be part of
 - nature -
exploring the environment
with all the senses
- waste time -
- amplify loss -
- transform democracy -
to gain new sensitivity

≠  |desire| x |fear|
        ≠ doubt
                                         ≠ retract mistakes
                          =  mimic trees

Just, mimic

About the Author
Anouk Heltzel has a PhD in philosophy. In her research she investigated the role of art-based dialogue formats and speculative design, on public conversations. Currently she studies fine-arts at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam to continue her research artistically. She aspires to create interactive performing art and is mostly interested in (collective) decision-making, embodied disagreement, ongoing negotiation and post-capitalist initiatives.