Cloud gazing (cyanotype on repurposed fabric)
By Cornelia Altgård
When life is spent outdoors, the sky, with its clouds, stars and planets, becomes our ceiling and a presence. These cloud interpretations/sky reflections were inspired by the cloud gazing done in our group during the residency. They were made by using the light from the sky and material found on the land creating a mirror image of what I found in the sky.

illustration, nightwalk, sensory exploration, eco pedagogy, recollection through imagery

About the author
Cornelia Altgård, is a gardener and urban food grower with a focus on social interactions. With the garden as a base she use food and farming as tools to bring people closer to nature, the seasons and each other in the urban context. She is currently working at Botildenborg, a urban farm and meeting place in Malmö, Sweden.